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If you want to follow along on our trip you'll enjoy reading our flight logs.  The logs are numbered consecutively from the start of our trip in Arizona and follow our progress as we fly around the U.S.  If you want to read about our trip as we flew it just start with Log 1 and continue to the end.  If you want to read about a particular State you can find it in the list of logs below and jump right to that spot.  Most of the logs include pictures we've taken along the way.

We hope you enjoy reading about and seeing pictures our trip.

Rob & Dee

Log 1- Arizona, New Mexico, Texas

Log 2- Louisiana

Log 3- Florida

Log 4- Emergency Landing

Log 5- Georgia, South Carolina

Log 6- North Carolina

Log 7 Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia

Log 8- Virginia  

Log 9- Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey

Log 10- New York- A new engine

Log 11- Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts

Log 12- New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont

Log 13- New York, Ohio

Log 14- Indiana- A Broken Arm

Log 15- Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Log 16- Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska

Log 17- Colorado, Wyoming, The Dakotas

Log 18- Montana

Log 19- Idaho, Washington, Oregon

Log 20- California

Log 21- Nevada, Utah








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